Imagine your association capable-active-creative-sustainable-achieving its goals. We do!

We help you develop your Board, volunteers, staff, executives, and programs.

We help you see technology as strategic not tactical. You do not need to be a technologist to strategically manage the power that technology offers.

We help you imagine the futures in which your work is done and plan for sustainability and a continuous create impulse.

The changes that all associations face in the fast paced ecology of the internet age requires us to adapt and optimize what we do well and what we will need to do better.

There is always change.

We want to help you make the changes that the environment requires and celebrate the traditions that built your organization.

There are never any problems, just opportunities to be better.

Let us help you. Let’s do this together!

About Us

Our Values

We are a boutique organizational development and capacity building consultancy. We are devoted to helping you build the power, insight, and capacity of your Association to succeed, act, and be sustainable.

Learn not to fear technology or be a slave to the techies; let’s make technology strategic rather than a group of tactics to do what you have always done just a little faster.

What Others Say

“Michael is a brilliant activist for music and music education. He is a true leader and is always thoughtful and inspirational in his passion, music for all! He has also been extremely innovative in his desire to expand music to a broad audience and has inspired so many of us with his brilliant ideas and leadership. I wish this remarkable man and his Activision work great success. It is well deserved.”

Gerard Schwarz
Music director, The All-Star Orchestra
Music director, The Eastern Music Festival
Music director, The Mozart Orchestra of New York
Conductor Laureate, The Seattle Symphony 

"I can enthusiastically endorse Michael Butera for his outstanding skills, having worked with him for over 6 years. The most important thing for association professionals is that Michael really gets it - understands working with associations and the importance of leaders, members and stakeholders. He is fun to work with, making serious work enjoyable. Michael is an expert in so many areas, especially in advocacy development and board orientation and training. You will find no better consultant than Michael."

Margaret Bauer

Executive Director
The Pennsylvania Association of Colleges and Teacher Educators







"Having worked closely with Michael Butera for several years, I can attest to his passionate approach to helping organizations with such things as engaging in reflective self-assessment, building capacity and relationships with affiliate organizations, examining governance structures, strategic planning, and training of board members. His vast and varied experiences combined with his energy, passion, and a work ethic that is second to none prepare him to be an excellent speaker, quite capable of giving workshop presentations and keynote addresses."

Nancy Ditmer

Professor of Music Education

The College of Wooster

Michael Butera made a huge, positive difference at NAfME, moving the organization forward on multiple fronts, including: strategic planning, legislative advocacy, reorganization for effectiveness, affiliate relationships, legal compliance, and technological capacity. He brings a unique breadth and depth of experience to his consulting work.

Scott C. Shuler

Consultant: Education and Arts Education

Curriculum Specialist – Arts Education

Connecticut State Department of Education Retired

 Michael Butera provided an invaluable service to our organization and Executive Board.  We had Michael as a Keynote speaker for our conference as well as for a couple of our board retreats.  Each time Michael was the source of a wealth of information and resources and engaged our board in strategic thinking that enabled us to focus on capacity building, board vision, and reimagining our governance building for the future.  Michael was inspiring with both his knowledge and integrity.

Faith M Lueth

Past President, MA MEA

I highly recommend Michael Butera of Association Activision. Michael is a true visionary and his vast experiences as a leader in the non-profit world allow him to use real-life examples in advising and coaching Boards of Directors as well as their staff. Michael uses a comprehensive approach while focusing on the specific needs of the organization. His expertise in the many aspects of communication, leadership, and training and beyond will be of specific benefit to anyone looking to improve their organizational strategies and tactics and in developing a more nimble structure in today's competitive and changing environment.

As a fellow CEO, I have personally benefitted from much of Michael's wisdom over the past seven years. His overall knowledge as a former non-profit CEO and other roles form the basis of his witty, clever and thoughtful presentations.

Paul Roetert, Ph.D.

Former CEO – SHAPE America